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Horticultural Training and Design Studies-- Saturdays at 10am-1PM or (773) 278-9075

Each week volunteers learn how to plant and tend all the plants in the park's 8000 sq. feet of gardens.  In addition, they learn the basic design concepts that we have employed in creating our award winning gardens.  Many volunteers have worked with us to create exciting gardens at their homes from the concepts and tutoring we provided them while they tended the park's gardens.  Join our veteran garden tenders: Richard Tilley, Denise Browning, Jim Angrabright, Larry Clary, Lara Kastner, Susan Fontana, Allen Blaurock, Petrina Patti, Joyce Coffee, Teddy Varndell, Donna Nelson, Doug Wood and the Park Kids Grow Students.

Come, Garden, Learn, Create!  Bring your Trowel and Gloves!


The Friends of Wicker Park are committed to making Wicker Park a beautiful, clean, and enjoyable place. Join us in our stewardship to preserve and enhance Wicker Park.  Join us to . . .

Plant and Tend the Gardens

Assist us with the Wicker Park Garden Club Events

Develop and/or teach classes for Children and Adults at

the Wicker Park Fieldhouse

Examples are the Wicker Park Kids Grow class and the free ballet classes, which require a proposal with resume and that the applicant fill out a CPD green Volunteer form---Background Check involved. Obtain application from Kelly Torres at the Wicker Park Fieldhouse.

Assist with grounds keeping or housekeeping

Pick up trash, help with mulch, clean bathrooms, etc.

Assist with park developments -- join the Wicker Park Advisory Council.

For more information contact Doug Wood (773) 278-9075 or or email us at  

Call for Volunteers!
We need volunteers to assist with garden tending and watering.

Please contact us at for more information.


Come visit our garden
The garden has something new to see every season.


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